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History of @EpicLiftLines
A long time ago a ski bum was born. 

Raised in the ski towns of Vermont and Colorado that bum eventually played key roles in the marketing departments of ASC, Boyne, and Powdr resorts followed by years pumping Ski The East onto the scene. Then there was a ski biz podcast before podcasts were everywhere. 

Now working in a different industry, that bum bought a URL in 2021 and made a fateful prediction after Vail Resorts lowered pass prices 20%. Then the prediction came to pass, hard. Fast forward and Vail Resorts is vastly more aware of the capacity concept and the need to improve the relationship with their workers and communities. TBD. 

Also 175 million dollars was re-allocated from shareholders to staff.

It's a start. Long road ahead. 

While @epicliftlines will continue to highlight the unfortunate weekend results from across ski country and nudge the corporate operators to a more sustainable approach, year two will also feature shout outs to locally owned establishments, bands, and whatever's fun from all our favorite places. 

So we're all doing some good in the world with this. 


PS - yes the profile is back to the original admin. 
Our pinch hitter did a fantastic job Jan-March of 2022. 
Want to support?
I have never and do not plan to monetize this platform.

However, I have kids and those kids would like to go to college. 

If you've appreciated what I've done and continue to do with this strange vehicle then feel free to buy me a beer, sandwich, tank of gas, whatever. Thanks. 

@capacityexists on Venmo
Ok now send that ski town shoutout and maybe it'll get in the feed
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