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1.Best answer please: Propel Marketing's public facing operations are now named... *
2. True or False: Anyone that has previously passed the Google Digital Sales certification is exempt from being required to pass Google Analytics for Beginners by Labor Day, 2017. *
3. Best answer please: On what date in 1776 did the Congressional Congress approve the resolution of independence from England? *
4. Best answer please: On July 4, 1776, how many people signed the Declaration of Independence? *
5. On July 4, 2016, Joey Chestnut broke the world hot dog eating record. How many hot dogs did he consume in 10 minutes? *
BONUS QUESTION-The quintessential Chicago Hot Dog has very specific condiments (the stuff that goes on the dog) required in order to be considered a "Chicago" Hot Dog. What item below does NOT belong on a Chicago Hot Dog? *
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