Questionnaire for Secondary Teachers
This questionnaire is to know your opinion about some aspects of the work with collaborative methods in Secondary schools. It's very short and anonymous so please, answer it sincerely.

Collaborative learning can be understood as activities to be done in groups of students who have to interact among them and realize their individual responsibility on the work of the group. Furthermore teachers have to plan and to supervise the processes.


1. Country *
2. Gender *
3. Years of teaching experience at secondary level *
4. Field of teaching *
5. Do you have any practical experience implementing collaborative learning in your classroom? *
6. Do you think that educational policies (in your country or region) help to develop collaborative learning in secondary school? *
7. Is the curriculum enough flexible to organize collaborative learning in your subjects? *
8. Do you need any people (teacher assistant or technical staff) to help you when you are implementing collaborative learning? *
9. Do you need any special equipment (computer, board, videoprojector,...) or furniture in your classroom to organize collaborative groups? *
10. Is the school building adequate to promote good practices in collaborative learning? *
11. Have you received any specific training in collaborative learning? *
12. Do you think that you have enough skills to promote and lead the implementation of collaborative learning experiences? *
13. Do your students have enough abilities to work cooperatively? *
14. Are your students old enough to work cooperatively? *
15. Is parents' support a key factor for the success of collaborative learning? *
16. Is the support from educational stakeholders (institutions, associations,...) relevant to develop collaborative learning? *
17. Who are the key players to promote and support the adoption of collaborative learning in secondary schools (choose up to three): *
18. Do you think that your students learn better with collaborative learning methods? *
19. Do you think that collaborative learning may be a useful methodology to reduce ESL (early school leaving) and improve learning motivation? *
20. Do you think that collaborative learning prevent students from dropping out?
21. Choose a maximum of three factors which may promote the development of good collaborative practices in secondary schools:
22. Please, specify any other relevant factor(s) to guarantee the development of good collaborative practices
Your answer
23. Choose a maximum of three factors which may hinder the implementation of collaborative learning in the context of secondary education:
24. Please, specify any other difficulty(ies) that currently you find to implement collaborative learning in your context of secondary level
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