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1. ... your mother a doctor?
2. What´s ... name?
3. ... he got a sister?
4. We... a lot in the summer
5. ...is she tired?
6. ... so many people here.
7. Where is Sofia? She ... dinner at the moment.
8. I ... for a walk last Sunday
9. He ... so happy yesterday.
10. I ... to visit Canada next year.
11. London is ... than Lisbon
12. I have a broken leg so I ... football
13. Have you ever ... this film?
14. They ... us three times this year.
15. Have you got any plans for your holidays? Yes, .... to London next month.
16. Can you open the window for me? Yes, ... open it
17. I usually eat a lot but at the moment ...much.
18. When the accident happened, she ... from Lisbon to Porto
19. I work in a bank. I ... there for 10 years.
20. After ... tv, she went to bed
21. She .... English since she was 5 years old.
22. Your arms looks bad. You ... see a doctor.
23. He said it was very dark, so he .... see
24. Rita is not feeling well. If... you, I would talk to her.
25. If I had travelled more, I ... a lot of things.
26. I don't know where Joana is. She ... at home.
27. I don't like coffee. ....
28. I didn't buy this computer. It ... to me
29. She ... a shower before you called her.
30. At first it was difficult, but now I ... in London.
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