Perez Science Fair 2018
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Hypothesis *
Independent Variable ("variable") *
What the scientist changes... (e.g. the different amounts of water you give to three plants)
Dependent variable ("measured effect") *
The measured result of the change in the independent variable... (e.g. the height the plant grows to)
Constants *
All the things the scientist needs to make sure stay the same so that the experiment is a fair test... (e.g. same type of plant, same soil, same pot, same location, same amount of sun, etc.)
Procedure *
Needs to go step by step so any scientist could recreate the exact same experiment by just following the steps
Data *
The actual results
Reliability of Data *
Scientists should make sure their data is accurate. If independent variable is the type of person, then the experiment should test many people. If the independent variable is something else, the experiment should be repeated multiple times.
Conclusions *
Presentation *
Here's where you you can award beauty and ding the less presentable...
Comments to student *
In general, please make sure you include at least as many positive comments as constructive comments. We want our students walking away from this project with a positive experience even if they don't win. Please remember these will be read by a 8-11 year-old student!
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