REAL Marketers Community
You move fast. Ask forgiveness, not permission. Obsess about driving results and love constant iteration. You’re filled to the brim with crazy ideas and have the guts to implement them. That’s what we call a REAL marketer. And we’re empowering a whole community of marketers just like you.

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By completing the form, you agree to adhere to the following rules:

- You're a marketer. If we check your profile on LinkedIn it's clear that you have a marketing role. While we love our colleagues in sales, HR, engineering, etc. This community is ONLY for marketers.

- Be an active member who shares and responds to other members in the channel. Don't be that team member that slacks off (pun not intended).

- Don’t be an a**hole. Keep it friendly and PG-13. If you’re questioning if your post is appropriate, it probably isn’t.

- We get it; marketers like to promote sh*t. Post your company's events and jobs in the designated channels. Keep your other promotional messages from your company on your personal LinkedIn.

- Honor the first rule of Fight Club. Keep everything shared within this group confidential. We mean it.
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