KMFA Coach Application (Timbits: U6 - U8) 2021
We are now accepting coach applications for the upcoming spring season with Kamloops Minor Fastball. This application is for ALL coaches who are interested. Whether you have coached for KMFA in the past or not, each application will be reviewed equally.
Name *
Address *
Preferred email address *
Preferred phone number *
NCCP# (If you have one)
Have you completed a criminal record check (CRC) in the past two years? *
If not, a CRC is required, but can be obtained at no cost through KMFA
What coaching position(s) are you applying for? *
Choose all that are applicable
What age division would you like to coach? *
Is there a specific team or player that you would like to coach? (ie. your child, grandchild, etc)
Do you plan to coach with another coach? If so, who?
Available to coach Tuesday & Thursday evenings? *
Have you coached for KMFA in the past 3 years? *
If you have coached fastball in the past, what level(s) have you coached?
How many years coaching experience do you have? *
This experience does not have to be exclusive to fastball
Please describe your coaching experience? *
Please list coaching training you may have, as well as any applicable accreditation you may have (NCCP, First Aid, etc)
Have you been disciplined or removed from any sports organization as a coach/manager in the last five years? If so, please explain.
How important to you is the fundamental development of each player? *
How do you want the players to remember you? *
Why do you want to coach? *
Reference #1
Reference #2
Is there anything you would like to add?
If there is something of a sensitive nature that may impact your ability to coach or influence a decision, that you would like to bring forward to the board but don't feel comfortable writing it above, you may choose to schedule an in person meeting.
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