DEN Geocaching Day 2014
Please consider joining us for DEN Geocaching Day 2014 on Saturday, May 17th. The is for the Maryland DEN, and this year we will be in Laurel, Delaware. Once again, DEN is providing lunch and a few prizes. It is always a great time.
We will be meeting on the 17th by 8:45 at a location to be determined in Laurel. We will cache from 9:00 - 12:00 and then meet somewhere for lunch, not sure about that location yet. After lunch, you can go home, cache some more, or whatever. There are tons of caches to choose from in the area. Some are puzzle caches. You'll get to choose wherever your group would like to go.
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I will send out a lot more information about this event when it gets closer, including a map of where we meet and then eat, and a map that shows the search area. You'll also get sheets that give all the caches in the area that you can search for.
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