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Please complete the fields below to nominate an individual for our Hall of Honor. The deadline for 2020 Hall of Honor nominations is March 15.
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Please select the award that you would like to nominate the individual above for. Please select only one category, and note that the first three categories require the nominee to be an alumnus of Maui High.
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If you have nominated the person for the Spirit of Maui Award, Award of Excellence, or Silversword Heritage Award, please note the graduating class the nominee belonged to. If you have nominated the person for the Inspiration Award please note your nominee’s position at the school and the years served.
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Please provide specific details as to why the nominee should be considered for the specific Hall of Honor award that he/she is nominated for. Heavier consideration will be granted to thoroughly researched submissions. You may also forward newspaper articles, resumes, or any supporting documentation to support your recommendation of this nominee. Email supporting documents to
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Please provide any additional information about the nominee that would help the committee better understand his/her accomplishments/contributions. The information here may not necessarily directly relate to the criteria established by the specific award selected. You may include personal notes of this nominee’s qualifications and merit.
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Please send supporting material or links to It will be attached to your nomination.
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If your nominee is selected as a winner, he or she will will be invited to accept their award at Maui High School’s Hall of Honor Awards Banquet. Please provide current contact information for your nominee. If the nominee is deceased, please enter the name and relation of his/her closest living relative in the space below.
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