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Lockers will be assigned to students on a first come basis. Lockers are the property of Vista Ridge High School and as such are subject to search by the school administration or safety team as deemed necessary. I understand that if I am assigned a locker it will be for the 2019-2020 school year only and that I am not to leave any perishable items over the breaks and that all items need to be cleaned out prior to summer break. I will need to reapply for a locker for the following school year. Depending on the amount of lockers needed, I may be required to share a locker. Vista Ridge highly recommends choosing a student you trust to share your locker with in the event that sharing is required. If I choose to share a locker I will provide the counseling office with the name of the student(s). I am responsible for not sharing my locker combination with anyone and if I choose to share this information Vista Ridge is not responsible for my belongings. I understand that being able to use a locker is a privilege and not a right. My locker privilege may be revoked at any time if I fail to comply with the rules. By selecting the "accept" button and completing this form, you and your student are signing this Agreement electronically.
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I, the student, have read and understand the rules for locker use at VRHS.
I, the parent or guardian, have read and understand the rules for locker use at VRHS.
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