MISIC PD Course for LRC
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Note: Facilitators/instructors are not eligible for licensure renewal credit for this course.
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Course Description
In paragraph form, describe an overview of the course: what it is, why it is important to the district, and target audience. Reference research that supports this learning; include bibliographic entries as appropriate.
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Course Outcomes
Participants will know, understand, and/or be able to…
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Schedule and Delivery
Note: 15 collaborative learning hours are required for each credit offered.
List meeting times and delivery mode (face to face, online, hybrid, guest speakers)
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Successful Course Completion and Evidence of Learning
List what is expected for course completion.
Describe how meeting the course outcomes (evidence of learning) will be assessed, i.e., rubric – attached
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Course Policies
Include attendance policies and consequences of absences, as well as any other district requirements.
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Course Approval
Submit this course syllabus to MISIC (Jamie@misiciowa.org) at least two weeks prior to the start of the course for approval. For any questions or needed support, contact Sue Beers (suebeers@netins.net) or Ann Bartelt (annbartelt0204@gmail.com).
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