NEA-Alaska Webinar Series Presents: Social-Emotional Learning - Not Just One More Thing on Your Plate; It's the Plate!
Wednesday, February 19, 2020 @ 5:30 PM AKST

Social-Emotional Learning may wax and wane as a district initiative, but we know that it can make or break a classroom or school community, a school year, and educator. Come join high school educator Alysyn Thibault and elementary educator Abby O'Neill as we discuss the what, but more importantly the why, of SEL.

Topics will include:

-Planning SEL lessons vs. infusing SEL into your curriculum (and why both are important!);
-How SEL may seem at first to take up precious class time, but actually ends up saving time in the long run; and
-How SEL looks different in different settings, with different educators, across the age spectrum!
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