Yinghua Academy publishes an online Student and Family Handbook, which contains a summary of the most current information about the school's academic and behavior expectations and general policies and procedures. Parents and guardians of Yinghua Academy students are asked to support the school and its mission, and to acquaint themselves with, and follow, these policies and procedures. Yinghua Academy requires that a parent or legal guardian of each student submit this form to acknowledge receipt of the handbook and commit to reading the procedures and expectations set forth in its pages. The Student & Family Handbook may be viewed online and downloaded from the school website at

We ask that parents and guardians review the handbook annually as policies and expectations may change from year to year. You also may wish to annually share the handbook with your children in grades 6, 7, and 8.

If you have questions about any school policies or procedures, please contact the school at 612-788-9095, and we will direct your call to the appropriate administrator.

For additional information and School Board policies, visit

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Yinghua Academy Student & Family Handbook Acknowledgement Form
Please complete this form, acknowledging that you are aware of, and have reviewed, or intend to review, the 2019-2020 Student & Family Handbook. Submit one form per family. Please submit this form before the first day of school. Middle School students who do not have a signed form on file will not be allowed to participate in the Middle School Retreat.
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By typing your name below, and submitting this form, you acknowledge that:
A) You are aware of the 2019-2020 Yinghua Academy Student & Family Handbook and understand and accept that this handbook provides summary information regarding school policies and procedures.
B) It is your responsibility to read, understand, become familiar with, and adhere to the standards that have been established in the handbook, as well as to ensure that your child make every effort to comply with applicable policies and expectations.
C) You understand that student and/or parent and guardian non-adherence to the policies, procedures, and academic and behavior expectations set forth in the Student & Family Handbook may result in student disciplinary action by the school.
D) You understand and accept that Yinghua Academy administrators in cooperation with the Yinghua Academy School Board, reserve the right to modify, supplement, rescind, or revise any provision or policy from time to time, with or without notice, as it deems necessary or appropriate.
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