Assess Your MRI Knowledge
Occasionally delegates ask if they can skip the basic principles (days 01 and 02) of the MRI in Practice course because they feel that they already know the basics - or have done a previous MRI course. We believe that the first two days are the most important because, as you may know, in MRI "fundamental" does not mean "easy". Our research shows that radiographers who have years of clinical experience often do not have a grasp of the underpinning physical principles. Our 25-year experience of delivering the course repeatedly shows that radiographers who have skipped days 01 and 02 have often expressed regret at having missed this essential content. We have therefore put together this short quiz that will allow you to empirically determine whether you would benefit from days 01 and 02 of our course. If you score less than 20 - or need to resort to textbooks or on-line resources to answer the questions then you should consider coming for the FULL course!

There are 30 questions.
The quiz is multiple-choice, so the correct answers are provided to you for every question!
However, for some questions there may be one or more correct responses in each case - so think very carefully about your choice because any incorrect responses will result in no score for that question.

Good luck!
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