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This reservation form/ questionnaire is to help me have an idea of how prepared you are for a pet hedgehog as well as if you have an idea of what your looking for in a hedgehog. That way I am able to suggest hedgehogs and or litters I feel will best suit you and/or your family as well as help you further prepare to bring home a pet hedghog.
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Including possible vet costs.
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What kind of cage/ enclosure will you be using? *
Include cage type (i.e. bin, wire cage, C&C), approx. dimensions, and any other details.
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What kind of bedding will you be using? *
Liners, wood shavings, Carefresh, etc. (If shavings, include the kind.)
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What do you plan to feed as a main diet? *
Please include Brand and exact food as well as the Protein and fat %. If you have no yet looked into food and need suggestions please let me know.
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Please let us know what it is you are looking for in a hedgehog
What type of interaction are you hoping for with your hedgehog?
cuddling, observation, etc
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Color and Apperance
Select all that would be of interest to you (or would consider). MLH produces some of these listed characteristics more often than others, meaning some colors will require a longer wait. We do encourage you to choose your hedgehog based on personality rather than appearance, but we do take your preference into consideration before contacting you about a litter.
Some times we have older hedgehogs available, please select all age ranges you would be interested in or consider.
You understand that to be placed on our waiting list you Must place a 50$ Non-refundable deposit? *
If you are filling our form out for a hedgehog currently available, you will not need to be added to a waiting list. Be sure to specify which hedgehog you are interested in.
Is there a specific hedgehog or litter you are interested in?
If so, please list the litter, parent or hedgehog of your intrest.
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