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Hello and welcome to my commission form!

Thank you for checking out the form and considering commissioning me.

This form bellow is made for those who wanted a commission from me despite in my commissions are closed. I will get back to you if you made it to my queue list.

I can't guarantee your commission will be accepted there are times I'm just busy and can't take any more commissions at the time being so don't be afraid to try again in a later date.

If you got selected, I will contact you within a week and add your commission my queue list:
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💲 PRICES: All prices are in US dollars.
By agreeing to a commission to me, you are agreeing to pay me the full amount of your commission up front once it is confirmed and understand and agree to all the terms above. *
What is your user page[s] URL? *
Let me know if you have a Twitter, FurAffinity and DeviantArt so I know where to find you. This is also what I will use to credit you when I post the commission on those sites.
What name I will use to credit you? *
I'll add a text on the lower left corner for the post version of the artwork, it will look something like this: "Commission for *name here* | Art by thanshuhai"
Where would you like me to contact you? *
This is where we will contact you and send you updates of your commission. Either Email, Twitter, FurAffinity, DeviantArt or Telegram.
What type of commission are you requesting? *
Refer to the commissions prices above for more info.
Number of character[s]? *
Extra charge per character. Refer to the commission prices above for more info.
Artwork orientation? *
If it's a Headshot Commission it will always be 1:1 ratio square.
What is your budget? *
Name your price, put the exact amount you are willing to pay or negotiate for your commission. All prices are in US dollars.
What would you like for your commission? *
Description of the details of your commission. Please provide links to references. This can include clothing, characters, expressions/pose, background inspirations etc. Also you may suggest a drawing style you prefer for the characters if you like them realistic, semi-realistic or toony, I can be flexible to an extent of my style. I can work with NSFW references if you don't have any SFW ones.
Artwork title?
If blank I will just provide a random title for an Full Illustration or just put your name on the title if I can't think of anything. If it's a Headshot I will simply put [HC] *name here*.
From which part of the world do you live in?
This is an optional, I just wanna know your timezone and where my commissioners are coming from. :)
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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