RFI: EVV Vendors Interested in Serving Self-Direction Programs
Applied Self-Direction represents the interests of individuals, states, managed care organizations (MCOs), Financial Management Services (FMS) providers, and other stakeholders in self-direction. Applied Self-Direction supports the creation and operation of self-direction programs and promotes self direction so individuals have the choice and control to live the lives they want.

Applied Self-Direction is issuing a Request for Information (RFI) to identify Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) vendors interested in serving self-direction programs. It is important that EVV systems in self-direction programs meet the unique needs of self-directed services and the people who use them, which are often different from traditional personal care services.

Applied Self-Direction will use the vendor information to put together a directory of EVV Vendors interested in serving self-direction programs. The list will have a broad audience and reach including states, FMS providers, MCOs, advocates, and other self-direction stakeholders. Inclusion on the list is free.
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