Work of Christ Contribution Estimate for Calendar Year 2020
You can fill out and return the contribution estimate you received with your Work of Christ yearly giving summary--or you can use this handy electronic form. Simply fill it out and click submit.

Please enter the dollar amount you estimate giving in the coming year to each fund--the total amount for the year, not your monthly giving.

Remember your estimate is just that--an estimate. It is not a pledge.

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Members tithe to the general fund, from which day-to-day operations are paid.
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Gifts to UCO support our University Christian Outreach chapter at MSU/LCC.
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Building Fund
Gifts to the building fund are used for major repairs and building improvements.
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Sharing Fund
Donations to the Sharing Fund provide grants to people with special financial needs. The Sharing Fund is separate from the Work of Christ, so donations to the Sharing Fund cannot be included on your tithe check--a separate check, payable to Work of Christ Sharing Fund, is required. Please remember, gifts to the Sharing Fund are not tax deductible.
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