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You may have heard the story of the Bean Nighe. She is found across the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, often seen washing her clothes in the burn. If she catches you unawares, your death is certain, but if you grab her, she will grant you three wishes. On the Isle of Tiree, where I live, the story goes, that you must suckle from her long breasts to be granted your wishes. I like this motif because it infers nourishment. 

It's this nourishment that we seek in the Bean Nighe Circle.

We know that death is the certain outcome of life. 

Perhaps death has caught you unawares, and you are reeling in grief. There is healing to be found here.

Perhaps it's not been death, but another type of loss that has brought grief, unhappiness and discontent into your life. Here there is no judgement. Healing and nourishment are yours.

Let's not wait for our own death to come upon us unexpected. Here are the resources to support you to write your end of life plan and discover the peace of mind that follows.

Loss, death and grief are part of the human condition and our ancestors told each other stories that teach, heal and entertain. Here, we share stories, old and new, and reap their wisdom. I like to think of a fireside - warm, convivial, welcoming. The Bean Nighe Circle is our virtual fireside.

The Bean Nighe Circle is also a place of retreat where we can practice meditation and the Emotional Freedom Technique. These are the skills that help ground us in times of turmoil.

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