Survey for Internationally Educated Professionals
This research is designed to understand the success factors behind IEPs' employment success in order to help newly arrived IEPs to effectively integrate into the Canadian economy. Individuals who immigrated to Canada after completing post secondary education in another country and are working or have worked in a professional capacity after immigrating to Canada are welcome to complete the questionnaire. (Professional work is defined as a position that requires post-secondary education, regardless of the field.) The survey will take about 20 minutes to complete. Your participation is completely anonymous, voluntary and confidential. At no point any individual response will be shared in any way.
1. How many years have you lived in Canada?
2. Which province or territory do you work and live?
3a. The country that you lived the longest prior to immigration to Canada
3b. If the country in Question 3a is not in the list, please specify here:
4. How many years did you live in the above country prior to immigrating to Canada?
5. Your age
6. Your gender
Clear selection
7. You are currently a
8. Your current or last job title:
9. Your profession
The work you are doing now or did in your last job, or the job you worked the longest, or the job most meaningful to you. Choices below are based on National Occupational Classification Matrix.
10. Your current or last organization's name:
Your organization can be a company, a university, a government ministry or department, etc.
11. The sector or industry of your organization
Choices below are based on North American Industrial Classification System.
12. Your organization's size
13. Your highest education obtained outside Canada
14. Did you get a foreign credential recognition certificate by an accreditation agency other than a regulator?
Specify which agency in "other" if yes. Examples of accreditation agencies include WES, University of Toronto, IQAS. Examples of regulators are College of Nurses or College of Pharmacists.
Clear selection
15a. Your highest education obtained in Canada
15b. Your professional designation in Canada
Please specify the designation in "Other"
Clear selection
16. How many years did you work in a profession job or jobs prior to immigrating to Canada?
A professional jobs is defined as the job that requires post-secondary education.
17. Your job level at your last job prior to immigrating to Canada
18. How many months did it take you, from the moment you arrived in Canada, to find your first professional job in Canada?
If you found a professional job prior to landing in Canada, write 0
19a. What did you do before you found your first professional job in Canada?
Read all the statements below and rank them according to the time you spent. 7 = spent a lot of time. If an item is not applicable, please leave it blank. You can use N/A once to correct a choice.
Look for a job (including attending job search training or counselling)
Study English (including going to classes and self-study)
Attend formal education programs (e.g. college, university)
Take professional designation or certification courses
Volunteer and/or network
Work in a job not directly related to my field
Look after my family
Clear selection
19b. Other activities not covered above, or any comments?
20a. What do you think are the factors contributed to your being hired for your first professional job in Canada?
Please read all the statements below and rank them based on importance. 1 = least important, 9 = most important. If an item is not applicable, please leave it blank. You can use N/A once to correct a choice.
Good fit of my technical expertise to the job requirement
Well prepared and executed interview
Clear goal of what I am looking for
Settling down in a place where economy is booming
Networking and/or volunteering
Proficiency of my English skills
Obtaining or studying for a Canadian designation
Completing or studying a Canadian education program
Obtaining a Foreign Credential Recognition Certificate
Clear selection
20b. Other factors not covered above, or any comments?
21. Your job level when you found your first professional job in Canada
22. How many years all together have you been working in a professional job or jobs in Canada?
A professional jobs is defined as the job requires post-secondary education.
23. How many promotions all together have you received since your first professional job in Canada?
Write N/A if it does not apply to you, e.g. you are self-employed or work on contract.
24. Your current job level
25. Your current annual income or that at the last job
26a. Does your organization have the following HR policies and programs?
If yes, please rank their helpfulness to you. 1 = least helpful; 8 = most helpful. If there are more than one item that you want to select "Don't have or don't know", please write a note in the space provided for 26b.
Don't have or don't know
New employee orientation
On-job training
Continuing education assistance (e.g. technical, English)
Performance goal setting and review
Diversity and inclusion policy, programs and training
Employee resource groups (or affinity groups)
Mentoring program
Cultural sensitivity and competence training for managers
Clear selection
26b. Other HR practices not covered above, or more than one practice you want to select "Don't have or don't know", or any comments?
27. Considering the work you do and the work environment, how satisfied are you with your current or last job overall?
Very Unsatisfied
Very Satisfied
Clear selection
Thank you for completing the survey, please click submit, otherwise your response is not transmitted. You can also write your final comments about your employment experience in Canada in the space below.
If you would like to receive a report from this research, please send a separate email to This way, your response is completely anonymous.
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