LISD Out-of-District Transfer Application


We believe that children attending LISD have the advantage of outstanding facilities, quality teachers, great support, and the opportunity to obtain an excellent education while enjoying the many sports and extracurricular activities afforded our students. If you agree, please help us spread the word.

In order to complete the application, you will need to know the following.

• Your student’s LISD identification number. If you have a child that you want to transfer who has never been enrolled in LISD and therefore does not have an LISD identification number, then you will need to enter 77777.

• The name of the principal/administrator at the school you are requesting. (List provided on the principal/administrator email question.)

Please read the Longview Independent School District Transfer Policy. Parents must acknowledge and agree to the terms of the policy in order to complete the application.


• Parents must acknowledge and agree to the terms of the transfer policy in order to complete the application.

• State law requires parents to apply for a transfer each school year.

• Students considered for transfer, if previously enrolled in school, must have exhibited good behavior, high attendance, and demonstrated the ability to be at school and in class on time.

• Services and programs needed must be currently available at the requested school with available space for the transfer student.

• It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that the student arrives at school and is picked up on time each day

• District policy prohibits bus transportation for out-of-district transfers. However, an exception is made for parents with small children that go directly from the school to daycare in the afternoon. If a bus is routed to the child’s daycare and space is available, then the child will be permitted to ride the bus to the daycare.

• Future transfers can be denied if the student has poor attendance, discipline referrals, or is tardy excessively while attending the Longview Independent School District.

Thank you.

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