IB Agreement: Student
The IB program is a rigorous academic endeavor, requiring commitment of both time and effort. In order to ensure that students are placed where they will succeed, as well as to ensure that IB students at Westminster High School maintain rigorous working behavior, the following guidelines will apply to all students enrolled in IB classes.

1. Students in the diploma program will maintain excellent attendance and follow the school wide attendance policy. (I attend all classes, and I am punctual to all of my classes.)
a. Students are expected to maintain excellent attendance on project due dates and test dates. After missing a second major project or test, the student will be notified by his/her teacher that the teacher is concerned about test/project avoidance and the IB Coordinator will be notified. A third missed major project or test will be considered unexcused and no makeup will be allowed. This policy refers to an accumulation of absences in all of a student’s IB classes. School excused absences for athletic participation, etc. are exempt from this policy.
b. Punctuality is an important part of attendance. Routine tardiness may affect standing in IB courses.

2. Students are expected to demonstrate academic excellence. In order to ensure the integrity of the program and the student’s success, students must be making appropriate progress--as deemed by the teacher--and pass his or her IB classes with a 3.0 or higher. If a student is found to be deficient, he or she will be placed on academic probation. Consistent academic probation may affect placement in IB courses and/or IB exam registration. (I complete assignments on time and to the best of my ability.)

3. Students enrolled in IB courses MUST test in those courses. Registration for testing occurs in October of the testing year, and fees are due between January and April. Students in the IB diploma program will complete both CAS requirements and the Extended Essay. (I prepare for and take IB exams and, if applicable, complete all elements of the diploma program.)

4. Students enrolled in IB courses will strive to meet the characteristics of the IB Learner Profile and demonstrate positive attitudes towards academics and work ethic as well as positive behavior and leadership. (I interact positively with adults and students at WHS; I demonstrate positive IB attitudes and adhere to the learner profile to the best of my ability.)

5. Students in IB will maintain academic honesty. Academic dishonesty may affect standing in IB courses. (I follow school and program policies, rules, and guidelines.)
-Act with integrity in all work
-Cite sources in researched work
-Use individual skills and provided resources to create original work
-Seek assistance from teachers, parents and guardians, and fellow students when a question arises about what
constitutes academic dishonesty or academic malpractice
-Submit all required IA work and other requested assignments to PlagScan for plagiarism checking
-Put away or turn in all prohibited electronic devices before the start of an assessment
-Not copy other students’ work or allow other students to copy work during tests AND during individual assignments,
even if it’s “just homework”
-Follow the required “Conduct of Examinees” code during IB examinations.
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