Mahila Sambaralu Sports Event

All applicants should be above the age of 20
Registration deadline Sep7th 2017
Prize distribution for winners will be on Sep 16th 2017
Kho - Kho
Guidelines :
1. Team of 5 should be registered.If enough members are not available for you to make a team, members can be accommodated
2. Game can be conducted only if at least 2 teams are registered.

Guidelines :
1. Team of two should be registered.
2. Bring your own rackets.
(Feathers will be provided)
3. All Badminton club rules will be applied.
4. There should be at least two teams for the games to be conducted

Guidelines :
1. Team of two should be registered.
4. There should be at least two teams for the games to be conducted
1. Opening player is chosen by toss
2. The game begins as one player serves the ring upwards over the net, diagonally into the opponent's court, and the opponent tries to catch the ring before it can land in their court, and if so throw it back.
2. Each player takes five services in a row, regardless of whether they have scored points for a serve, and then the opponent serves for the following five turns.
3. Each team tries to score 21 points in order to be declared a winner.
4. Faults include a koit hitting the net posts, leaving the court entirely, striking or passing through the net.

Musical Chairs
Guidelines :
Players should be at least 2 inches away from the chair
No pushing
Do not touch the chair while running
Please run

Atlanta Lo Annapurna:
Guidelines :
Contest categories(preferably telugu dishes): Appetizers, Rice Items,and Desserts
One dish per person
Provide sufficient samples for Cooking Contest judging by 3 judges.
All samples must be delivered to the check in area by 12:30p.m.
Judging will commence exactly at 1:00 PM on Saturday Sep 9th 2017
Any entry that arrives after the check in time will not be scored.

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