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VaynerMedia spends a lot of money on snacks and beverages across our four, soon to be five, global offices. The truth is that I know I can offer some snack and beverage suppliers/companies out there significant value in comparison to the cost of the goods that I’m looking for. The details are below, feel free to fill out the form.

P.S, when you fill out this form, bare in mind that if you’re asking for $100K in services from me, I’m going to expect $100K in coffee, chips, or goods in general in return.

For context on the pricing of services I'm willing to trade, please look at the information below:
4Ds Ticket: $10,000 each
VaynerMentors: $150,000 min - $300,000 max
Time with Gary: $50,000 min - $500,000 max
Studio Time at VaynerProductions LIC: $1,500 min

Please keep in mind that I'm not looking to trade agency services outside of the ones listed above in exchange for the snacks/beverages being supplied. Additionally, I'm not looking to establish a partnership if you're not offering to exchange at least $50,000 worth of snacks/beverages.

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