Elementary Student Survey Spring 2020
Please complete the questions about your school.
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1. I like my teachers. *
2. I feel that my teachers care about me. *
3. My school is helping prepare me for the future. *
4. My teachers are doing a good job of teaching. *
5. My school has enough computers to help me learn. *
6. I learn better using computers/technology. *
7. My school is doing a good job teaching me about           resisting drugs and general safety. *
8. My school is doing a good job of teaching me about bullying. *
9. I feel safe when I am at school. *
10. I am comfortable talking to my principal. *
11. My principal is available for me when I need him/her. *
12. Students behave at my school. *
13. Students at my school know the rules. *
14. I have opportunities to talk to my school counselor. *
15. At my school, students are rewarded for good behavior. *
16. What are some things that will make my school better? *
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