MINI-KICKERS Boys&Girls 3-4years old <April 2021> @King'sPark / @Quarrybay Park
MINI-KICKERS by BTS helps your child develop the skills needed to enjoy and excel in the game of soccer.

Our innovative mini-kickers for (3-4years old) focus on game fundamentals while promoting important developmental milestones such as BALANCE and COORDINATION, LISTENING skills, and TEAMWORK.
The interactive curriculum has been refined by our experienced coaches over the last decade to ensure kids have a great time and still get a lot out of each class.

Sessions operate outdoors at King's Park and Quarrybay Park over a 3 week season in which students can very actively learn a new skill each week. As your child progresses through the program, they will develop the physical and mental readiness to perform in a future competitive environment. Our coaches love working with kids and are passionate about teaching the game of soccer. Most importantly, kids learn by Having Fun!
<APRIL 3 weeks Program>

@King's Park
Monday 16:30-17:30 on 12,19,26 April

@Quarrybay Park
Tuesday 16:30-17:30 on 13,20,27 April

$540- 3 weeks program
$220- Single session

<Focus on this age group>
3-4 years
For this age, group classes learn soccer fundamentals.
Through fun games and activities, children learn balance, coordination, dribbling, trapping, and shooting.
Fast-paced classes encourage students to participate in group activities developing listening skills and teamwork.

<Developmental Milestones>
✅ Balance, Agility, and Coordination
✅ Gross motor skills
✅ Physical Development
✅ Listening skills
✅ Social skills
✅ Self-confidence
✅ Communication
✅ Teamwork
😄 Safe & Fun

Why are balance and coordination so important?
Age-appropriate balance and coordination allow the child to be involved in sports participation with a reasonable degree of success as it aids fluid body movement for physical skill performance (e.g. walking a balance beam or playing football). Involvement in sport is helpful in maintaining self-regulation for daily tasks as well as developing a social network and achieving a sense of belonging in a community or social setting. It also helps children develop and maintain appropriate controlled body movement during task performance which, when effective, limits the energy required thus minimizing fatigue.

With good balance and coordination, there is less likelihood of injury as the child is likely to have appropriate postural responses when needed (e.g. putting hands out to protect themselves when they fall off their bike). The physical attributes of balance and coordination also allow appropriate posture for tabletop tasks and subsequent success at fine motor tasks.

Most importantly, kids learn by Having Fun!
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