The Inithium Event - Monthly- Expression of Interest
                                            🌟The INITHIUM EVENT🌟
                             OCTOBER 13-30 - KUPRA BIRTHDAY ROUND ♥♥
🌟 Officially sponsored by the creators of Kupra, Kups, and Kario.

Thank you for taking time to read!

You are cordially invited to join us in the OCTOBER round of 🔶 The Inithium Event 🔶
It's a SPECIAL round as it's the second BIRTHDAY of KUPRA!
Every merchant will offer a GIFT and we will provide the GIFT BOX.

Stay tuned for giveaways and a birthday party!

Details are below:


Event duration: OCTOBER 13-30 Noon SLT
Set up starts: OCTOBER 9 - 1PM SLT
Set up ends: OCTOBER 12 - 1PM SLT

As per event policy, there will be no punitive extension fees.
If you just need some more time to finish PLEASE COMMUNICATE.
Dropping out without any communication is a no no.
An event is a collaboration between merchants and organizers and COMMUNICATION is the key.


At least 1 new original creation fitting Inithium Kupra, Kups, and Kario bodies. Other sizes/variants may be included, but all the creations in the event must incorporate an Inithium version.

You can also rez older releases, if they include any variant made for Inithium bodies.


We are introducing LIMITED EDITIONS.
You can offer a SPECIAL, LIMITED EDITION of a previously released creation during the event.
It can be copy or no copy/transfer, depending on your marketing strategies.


1. Original creations are required [models uploaded from third party websites, any kind of copyright infringement, items against ToS are not allowed and will be returned without refunds]. Please understand the event management will not be involved in any IP infringement dispute, but they might revoke the invitation to the event in order to protect its reputation.
2. You need at least ONE EXCLUSIVE NEW RELEASE which has to be properly tagged using the provided EXCLUSIVE tag.
3. Special pricing is NOT required.


▪ Sponsor stall [limited availability] is 6500L with 150 prims allowance and better exposure. If approved as a sponsor you will pay the Premium vendor at the Reservation Room, and the remaining fee directly to the owner.

▪ Premium stall is 4000L with 80 prims allowance.

▪ Fees are due upon reservation and are NOT refundable at any time. We understand RL gets complicated, but deadlines are not a mystery and we expect professionalism and reliability from merchants.


Landmark, merchant box, booth inserts, promo material will be at the landing point.
If you need your store partners or assistants to get rezzing rights, please ask the team for a group invite.


With more than 10 years of experience in Second Life, we'll actively promote the event on all social media, through our vast subscriber list, on the Inithium official inworld group and discord server, and on
During the event we'll have a Raffle where customers can win many Inithium mesh bodies and special flash sales to attract public.


Event owner: Titania Halasy
Blogger manager: Ai Kiyori 
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