Application Acknowledgements

Thank you for your interest in our 2019 VBS program.

Please complete this form completely and to the best of your ability. Your responses are important to your Volunteer placement and your potential approval.

This application form is only for FULL TIME, 5 day (Monday - Friday) Volunteers for VBS 2019 held at St Michael's from June 24 - 28. All Volunteers must be able to commit to serving from 8:30am - 1:30pm each day.

To be able to serve it is necessary that the study in FORMED.ORG of the Presence be done. If your Presence is not completed, your application must be re-evaluated.

By submitting this form, you acknowledge and authorize your child’s participation in Faith Formation program at St. Michael Catholic Parish in McKinney, Texas (the “Parish”). You understand all reasonable precautions will be taken to keep your child safe while participating in Faith Formation activities. You will not hold the Parish, the Diocese of Dallas, members of their staff or their volunteers, responsible for accidental harm or injury that may occur during Faith Formation activities. In case of a medical emergency during this time, you consent to and authorize the giving of treatment and or medication ordered by a physician or adult for your child’s care. On occasion, video recordings, audio recordings, photographic slides, and photographs are taken of participants of Parish and diocesan sponsored activities. These are utilized in newsletters, websites, event promotion, and other printed media. You consent to the use of such materials in which your child’s photograph may appear. You release the staff and volunteers of the above-named entities from any liability connected with the use of my child’s picture or audio/video recording as part of any of the above or similar activities.
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VBS roles description
Group leaders, 1-6: Responsible to assist with an assigned class of approximately 20 students in grades 1-6. Assists assigned class to each station (music, imagination station, snack, faith, outdoor) and helps ensure the safety of class in getting to and from activities. Each class maintains a minimum of 2 cleared adults as class leaders with 2-3 youth helpers at all times, for all 5 days.

Missionaries Station: Is where kids experience a Bible story and Faith is the station at the center and heart of VBS. Everything else works to support what the children are learning in that day’s Bible Story. Missionaries Station volunteers are responsible for teaching outlined and scripted lessons, work in a team of approximately Adults and Teens presenting lessons to all VBS Campers during grade level rotations.

Movie Station: Is where we watch a movie and distribute popcorn. Adults & Teens in overseeing activities and supplies and present lessons to all VBS campers.

Music Station: Is where we put our faith in movement, through music and dances. All adults, teens and campers are invited to pray twice.

Crafts Station: Is where we make a project to remember the day activities. Assist crafts lead in working with campers with daily craft set up and clean up an assist camper when needed with craft construction.

Action Station: This is where kids play team-building games and work up a sweat! Outdoor volunteers work in a team of adults and teens to execute outdoor activities and make sure fun is had by all!

Lunch Station: Teens assigned to Lunch are responsible for helping to distribute, assemble, and clean up assigned snacks to grade level crews and ensuring that all kids are getting their lunch boxes ready for them.

Substitute: Substitutes are essential to the success of our VBS program! All Substitutes are responsible for ensuring Safe Environment coverage where necessary in any of our Teen Volunteer assignments, including 1-6 Crew Leaders, Nursery, Missionaries, Movies, Station, Lunch, Action or Music.

Childcare Volunteer - NURSERY: Volunteers assist Church Nursery workers and adult volunteers with the youngest VBS kids we have, ages 2 and under! Nursery volunteers do not change location and do not attend the morning assembly, but they don’t have to prepare lessons and get to take breaks!

Childcare Volunteer - PRESCHOOL: Volunteers assist the Preschool Coordinator & Adult Volunteers in caring for children ages 3-4 of full time Adult Volunteers in the Preschool Childcare program. Preschool volunteers will assist in helping the Preschool Crew transition to activities in different areas of the building, ensuring the safety of crew getting to and from activities. Preschool Coordinator and Stations will prepare materials, lessons, activities, etc. but Teens may be asked to assist where appropriate. NOTE: Preschool classes do not attend the Morning Assembly.

Administrative/Office Volunteers: Administrative/Office volunteers may be assigned to the Adult and/or Teen workrooms, VBS Nurse, Mass Coordinators, traffic directors, door holders, photographers, substitutes and/or other administrative work as needed throughout the week. Most Office volunteers have served at VBS previously and must be flexible and have a positive and helpful approach to last minute changes and adjustments.
Where do you hope to be assigned? *
As a VBS Volunteer, I understand that the preferences I've listed on this application are strictly preferences and not guarantee of placement. Every effort will be made to place you in one of your top choices if you are placed as a Volunteer. *
As a VBS Volunteer, I understand that our younger campers look up to me as an example in both my faith and my choices. I commit to positively representing myself, my family, my faith and my parish in my actions, my words, and my behavior at all times during VBS. *
Is forbidden any kind of photography of the children, especially if is going to be use on social media. Do you agree on that?
Languages *
Do you need childcare? If so what are the ages of your children. *
Thank you for volunteering your time and talent to serve the parish. At the end of the VBS a reimbursement check will be sent to you with the half of the registration fee.
Please contact us if you have any questions.Blessings.
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