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The Samara Centre for Democracy has launched our Democracy Monitor, an ongoing study of Canadian and international democratic institutions and active citizenship during the pandemic. Our democracy needs to adapt to the challenges of the moment, and we want to ensure those adaptations don’t come at the expense of citizen participation, democratic representation, or government scrutiny. We also want to track the way elected representatives are engaging with constituents during physical distancing and, ultimately, to help them engage better.

The task: To help us keep track of the rapid changes that are occurring throughout Canada and the rest of the world, we would appreciate your assistance in identifying, documenting, and sharing:
· Institutional adaptations resulting from the pandemic which you think are either beneficial or detrimental to democracy (at the federal, provincial/territorial, municipal level, or in other countries); and/or
· Communications you’ve received or engagement efforts you’ve seen from elected representatives at any level (like newsletters, online town halls, AMAs, etc.)

Thank you for our help and if you have any questions please email Samara's Research Associate, Adelina -
Which type of submission are you making?
Which level of government is your submission about?
Please summarize the legislative adaptation/communications content in one or two sentences. (Point form works too.)
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What was the date of the legislative adaptation/communications? (Approximate date will do if the exact date isn't known.)
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Would you consider the legislative adaptation/communications content beneficial or detrimental to democracy?
Please provide more details in the following ways: If you are submitting an example of a newsletter or other communications you received from your elected representative, please copy-paste the text of the newsletter in this box. If you are submitting information about legislatures, please include a news article link, or something similar so that Samara can track down more information.
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