2015 Spring Semester Youth Training Registration (Beginner Level)
Note: This is the Beginner Level Registration form open to students who have not yet passed the skills test to move on to intermediate which has a different training schedule. Please contact Coach Yang at 202-251-1799 or coachyuyang@gmail.com if you have any questions about which form you should be filling out.

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NOTE: Saturday 10:30am to 12:30pm session has been moved to 9:00am to 11:00am.

Registration is done by filling out the questions asked in this form and hitting the submit button on the final page. Once you see a "Thanks for your entry!" confirmation page at the end then we received your information and you can expect to see a paypal invoice within one business day where you can use the payment method of your choice and see a confirmation of your selections. Questions about registration and the payment process can go to roderick.medina@austintabletennis.net.

Beginner Level

Purpose: Learning basic techniques and having fun with table tennis

Learning Content::
The rules of table tennis
Knowledge of paddle/equipment
Knowledge of world champions and world table tennis
Forehand/backhand drive strokes
Four basic serves
Basic Footwork( side to side step, pivot step, crossover, step in and back)
Forehand and Backhand Push
Forehand and Backhand Loop
Serve-receive judgement

Qualification: Age 8+ older. ( Kids under 7 must be evaluated by coach Yang in advance) No prior experience in table tennis or athletics required.

Training Schedule: Once a week.

Training Format: Group training of 6 to 8 kids with one coach

Advancement: Students will have a skills test at the end of the semester, if the student passes the test, the student will be moved to intermediate level training. It usually takes half year to one year to graduate to the next level.
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