Gothic Christmas Hunt
DATES: Dec 1st - Dec 25th 2019

COST: $3L per item

Open to : Hunt is open to everyone, but Adult sims will be included in the hunt, so there will be links to each hunt location so you can skip if you do not wish to enter the adult or children stores.

Prize examples : Prizes can be anything gothic or gothic christmas themed, includeing furniture, decorations, tattoos, skins, cosmetics, toys, accessories, and basicly anything your hearts desire, just stay themed!

Rules - MUST READ -

Prizes must be gothic type gifts or gothic christmas themed, any items not meeting this will be asked to make a new hunt object, we strive to keep hunts themed, and good quality. Even though this hunt item is only 3L, we aim for it to be a hunt worth hunting for, all items must be new and made for this hunt, they can be sold after the hunt is over.

for template users, you must create your own textures for the items. Not recolors of the sample textures or completed clothing textures purchased from other creators. You also must follow the TOS for your templates always.

no copyright violations allowed, must follow SL copyright rules, copyright items will be rejected and asked to be redone.

do not move your hunt prim, if you plan to move a prim it must be only due to moving store locations, and must let us know ASAP of new SLURL of hunt object

if you cannot be done and set up on time or late please let us know so we can put skip untill you are ready

hints are mandatory, please make sure to submit them so we can post your store on the website

must have hunt sign rezzed out in your store for the duration of the hunt
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