UHE Parent Engagement Survey
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Check the most effective ways to keep you informed concerning school events: *
Do you receive adequate information regarding your child's progress? *
Comments about receiving adequate information about your child's progress.
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Does your child receive academic support/counseling if and when necessary?
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Does Nettleton School District provide a safe environment for our students? *
Comments about Nettleton being a safe school.
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Do you feel welcome at UHE? *
Does your student's school encourage parent/guardian involvement in school related events? *
Comments about UHE encouraging parent/guardian involvement in school related events.
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Please check the following activities that you would like to see offered in our school. *
In order for you to participate in parent education programs at school, meetings should be held in the: *
Would you like to volunteer at UHE? *
If yes, please sign the volunteer list in your school's office. Indicate preferences for the type of volunteer activities that interest you and the frequency that would be convenient for you.
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