UntitledTown Call for Conference Proposals
We are accepting proposals for the upcoming literary festival in Green Bay, Wisconsin, held April 20-22, 2018 (learn more at www.untitledtown.org).

In order to be considered for the 2018 book and author festival, you must complete this submission form by NOVEMBER 15, 2017. We welcome authors and presenters from all backgrounds, education levels, publication experience and geographic locations. Writers of color and LGBTQIA writers are enthusiastically encouraged to submit a proposal.

Full name (or name that you publish under)
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Which city/state do you call home?
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Title of your proposed workshop, panel, craft talk or other.
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Description of your proposed workshop, panel, craft talk or other.
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Our main criteria for accepting a proposal is whether this session will be USEFUL to writers, or INTERESTING for readers. In no more than 20 words, describe why your pitch will be useful to writers or interesting for readers. (Example: Discuss what you need to do to self-publish your novel tomorrow.)
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Please list the names of other panelists and moderator who will participate in this panel/workshop/etc. (Note: You are responsible for providing/organizing your own moderator for self-pitched panels and sessions).
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How long will your proposed session last? Please estimate in minutes. (Example: 40 minutes)
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UntitledTown is committed to featuring a diverse range of voices, backgrounds, and experiences. Proposals that help us do this will be warmly received. If applicable, please provide a short description of how your proposed session appeals to our goals of diversity and inclusivity.
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What is the SMALLEST space you will require for your session?
Which of the following do you require for your session?
This year, we're planning more Curated Sessions. A Curated Session is a panel or talk featuring 2-4 participants discussing a single topic. Below is a list of Curated Sessions we'd especially welcome. If you, as an individual, would be interested in speaking on a Curated Session, please indicate your interest level below. (Be as specific as possible -- we will take these interest levels as indication that you are qualified and comfortable speaking on this topic).
I'd love to be in this panel
I can pinch hit for this session but it's not my first choice
Third/fourth/fifth choice if I don't get on anything else
I can't be on this panel but I definitely want to be in the audience!
Not interested
Craft talk: Writing beginnings, middles, ends
Craft talk: How to write sequels
Craft talk: Creating hybrid forms (graphic novels, memoirs, blogging, podcasting, book arts, musicals, etc)
Craft talk: "I can't even right now" --dealing with Writer's Block
Craft talk: The worst writing advice I ever got
Craft talk: How to write a food memoir/cookbook
Craft talk: Dark magic— Writing fantasy for YA and adults (audience will likely be mixed ages)
Craft talk: Where to begin in research
Craft talk: The muse of history (how history inspires creative writing)
Craft talk: Sportswriting
Craft talk: Screenwriting— Ready, set, write
Craft Talk: Beyond Game of Thrones: Worldbuilding in SF and Fantasy
Craft talk: Building a great mystery
Craft Talk—Kid Lit: How to write for young audiences
Panel Discussion: Zombies in Jane Austen: Rebooting another author's work
Panel Discussion: Social justice and writing to change the world
Panel Discussion: Wisconsin as a character in fiction, nonfiction, or poetry
Panel Discussion: The Bilingual writer—obstacles, opportunities, audiences
Panel Discussion: How to keep being a writer (discussion of writing habits, communities, practices, graduate programs)
Panel Discussion: What does it mean to be an "American" writer in 2018?
Panel Discussion: Strange bedfellows— Coalitions among communities, businesses, writing, and arts
Panel Discussion: Poetry in a postmodern world
Panel Discussion: Writing and reading biracial, multiracial, or transracial Identities
Panel Discussion: Dissed— Writers on working with disabilities and chronic illness
Panel Discussion: Writing about grief, violence, fear, and trauma
Reading/Performance: Spoken word
Reading/Performance: Creative storytelling for young audience
Publishing Talk: Building your writer brand through social media
Publishing talk: Publishing your work
Publishing talk: How to write a book proposal
Self-publishing: Do I or don't I?
Publishing Talk-- Memoir: How self-discovery leads to publication
Publishing talk: Marketing yourself as a writer
The scoop: How to break into magazine and newspaper freelancing
Advice from Published Authors (ask me anything)
Designers' and Illustrators' Panel: Designing worlds of words
Editors' panel: Why we publish what we publish and how to get noticed
Agents' Panel: How we sell your great ideas
Kid Authors: Workshop for Middle-Grade Writers
Kid Authors: Workshop for Elementary School Writers
If you are applying for one or more of the Curated Sessions above, please tell us why you're the perfect panelist for your choice(s).
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Link to your headshot on Google Docs, Dropbox or other file sharing service. All headshots should be a minimum 300 DPI and at least 3 inches by 3 inches.
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What happens next:
We'll review each proposal and will get back to you as soon as possible (probably pretty quickly -- we need to get this thing booked). Thank you so much for your interest! We hope to see you at UntitledTown this April!
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