Isentropic and Pressure Level Reanalysis Data Survey
Most reanalysis centers provide their data products on a relatively standard pressure level grid; while most of the levels provided are the same between different reanalysis centers, the spacing of these levels is generally much coarser than the model levels in the upper troposphere and middle atmosphere. Many of the reanalysis centers also provide data products, including potential vorticity (PV), on isentropic surfaces; however, none of the available isentropic datasets use a common set of levels (e.g., 850 K is the only common stratospheric level between JRA-55, ERA-I, and CFSR), and furthermore they are very sparse in the stratosphere. Note that all modern reanalyses make many of their products available on the native model grid -- these surveys are specifically aimed at assessing needs for data on pressure and isentropic levels. To provide input for additional "wish list" items for future reanalyses, please go here: <<add link for general wish list survey>>.

The following surveys are designed to gauge the community's needs for data on additional pressure levels and on isentropic levels. Based on the results of these surveys, we will formulate requests ("wish lists") to the reanalysis centers for additional products in future reanalyses for which there is a demonstrated need.

Which currently available reanalysis datasets do you use / expect to use?
Do you expect to use future reanalysis datasets (such as ERA-5, JRA-3Q, etc)
Which vertical grids are you interested in?
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