Radically Loved Mentorship Program
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This Program Begins Monday August 1st 2017- Ends December 1st, 2017
Event Address: Online & Portland, Oregon
Contact us at rosie@radicallyloved.com
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I understand that one-on-one time with Rosie as my mentor will be done via Skype (in person when possible) 4 Sessions total *
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I acknowledge that this program will benefit me most by doing the work, this requires SELF-MOTIVATION and WILL, ACTION + KNOWLEDGE. *
I understand due to my mentor schedule that the in person meeting locations will be announced every month, and will do my best to make up sessions as needed. *
You will be able to schedule up to 2 makeup sessions if missed included in the cost of tuition. Above that, the rate will be $100 per hour missed. *
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I acknowledge the $1500 tuition fee for the mentorship program and that all payments are non-refundable. I understand that I will have to pay prior to the beginning of this training unless arranged otherwise. *
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