Application for Use of Moonlight Kitchen Space
Please fill out this application if you’re interested in using the facilities at Moonlight Kitchens. Because Moonlight Kitchens is a highly sought after incubator style kitchen with a strong emphasis on building community and a focus on gathering food-makers who cook with whole, natural, and local ingredients, we’re selective about who we allow to operate out of the space. We’re looking for artisans who respect their fellow cooks and the community and are cooperative, diverse, and friendly.

The food business is seasonal in Montana and we are always looking for individuals or groups who are flexible in their work schedule, during the summer months especially. Please let us know if you’re able to use non-peak hours (see rate schedule).

If your application is approved you’ll be contacted by email/phone to tour the kitchen and interview with Moonlight in person to gauge the compatibility of our operation with your food business.
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