Adventure Easter Day Camp 2019
Date: 15 - 17 April 2019
Time: 9:00am - 4:45pm
Venue: Pak Tam Chung Po Leung Kuk Holiday Camp/Jockey Club Tai Tong Holiday Camp
Shuttle bus pick up time: 8:00am
Shuttle bus drop off time: 5:30pm
Shuttle bus pick up/drop off location: Kowloon Tong
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Please deposit the amount to the following HSBC account and then email us the deposit slip for verification (
The camper's spot is secured only upon payment is made and verified.
HSBC A/C: 404-303547-833
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The camper should pay attention to personal or other’s safety during participation in the activities organized by Ardent Sportsman Company Limited (referred here as “Ardent Sportsman”). Use of the camp facilities are entirely at the risk of the camper and the camper hereby confirms his/her agreement to assume the entire risk of any loss, property damage, illness, injury or death that the camper may sustain or cause as a result of his/her participation in any activity organized by Ardent Sportsman. Accidents occurring before, during, and after the camp will be the responsibility of the camper and it is therefore suggested that the camper to consider his/her own insurance coverage. This application constitutes a contract between the camper and Ardent Sportsman, and a release of liability to Ardent Sportsman, its executive, committee, sponsors, contractors, agents and employees and all persons and entities connected with it. Ardent Sportsman will not be responsible for any injury, accident to person, or loss of property in the camp site or other site and their respective loading docks, or surrounding area. Pursuant to this release, the camper voluntarily agrees to assume (for himself/herself, his/her representatives, heirs, assigns, and next of kin) all such risks, foreseeable or otherwise, and that the camper shall be solely responsible for all losses the camper may cause. In the event your child is injured, ill or in need of medical attention and you are unable to be contacted, you authorize Ardent Sportsman staff to seek medical attention on your behalf. You authorize Ardent Sportsman to use any photographs and videos taken of your child while participating in the camp for future promotional materials.
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