Assignment: Customizing Practice
Please complete the following tasks within a week of your webinar session if you are hoping to become CK-12 Certified.

In this assignment, you will work your way through four sections:

A) Quizzes vs Practice
B) Customizing Practice
C) Reports and Assignments with Multiple Concepts or Quizzes
D) Customized Practice in Action

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- CK-12 Team
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Quizzes vs Practice
Which of the following describe CK-12's Adaptive Practice, "quizzes," or both? *
Can be assigned on Class Groups.
Can be timed or untimed.
Has a set number of questions.
Can be assigned via the Practice app.
Reports show % of total questions correct.
Questions become harder/easier depending on student performance.
Can found by students via Browse feature and Concepts page
Is not timed.
Reports show % as how far to getting 10 correct.
Check each step as you complete it. *
Reports for Assignments with Multiple Concepts or Quizzes
This sample report includes Adaptive Practice for the Concepts "Defining Chemistry" and "Matter, Mass, and Volume," as well as an included quiz for "Chapter 1."
How is CK-12 calculating the percentage for each part of the above assignment (the 2 practices and the final quiz)?
If you were to click on a percentage for any part of this assignment, what sorts of information would you see?
Thinking Ahead: Customized Practice in Action
How would you make a Quiz effective? *
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