Boskola Adult Class 2017-2018
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What is your connection to the Hungarian language/culture:
If through marriage, for how long:
If through ethnic background, what type:
How long have you studied Hungarian and in what type of setting:
How would you describe your level of Hungarian knowledge in terms of speaking, understanding, and writing:
Do you hear/speak Hungarian on a regular basis? How often?
If you have nobody in your family who currently speaks Hungarian, are you able to practice the language with anybody outside of your Boskola class:
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Can you get help for your homework from any native speakers of Hungarian:
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How much time per week can you dedicate to your Hungarian learning:
What is your aim in learning Hungarian:
How important is it to you to reach your aim:
What is your timeline in reaching the above aim:
Are you a member of the Hungarian Society of Massachusetts?
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