Unified Sports Application 2023-2024
Please complete this application by September 15th if you are interested in playing ANY season of Unified Sports.  We collect applications only in the fall.  Remember this is an application, not everyone will be accepted onto the team.  
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What season are you available for? Check all the seasons you are interested in playing (consider conflicts with other sports or activities) *
What grade/campus are you in? *
Have you previously been on a Unified Sports team?  *
What strengths do you possess that you feel will make you a valuable member of the Unified Sports team? *
Explain in your own words what you feel the purpose of Unified Sports is. *
Describe a team building activity (outside of sports) that the Unified Sports team can do to strengthen the relationships between the players. *
List the dates of any practice conflicts (doctor's appointments, family travel plans, other activities) during the season(s) you selected above.  Fall (September 28th - November 9th), Winter (February 22nd - April 11th), Spring (April 25th - May 30th).
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