Elite Mentoring Programme Application
The EMP is a monthly membership program that fuses traditional coaching methodologies with purpose built consulting and mentoring programs

In this process I will teach you the exact steps needed to build a formidable business, boost your sales and create a system that supports the kind of life you’ve always wanted.

As your mentor, I will provide you with clarity, a sure road map, focus and all the support you need to nudge you in the direction of your goals. Clear the clutter and let’s uncover your best business yet.

Here is just a bit of what we will accomplish working together:

Create and launch your perfect coaching package (that your clients just can’t resist)
Create a compelling client magnet that attracts your ideal clients like bees to a red rose
Create a simple series of emails that nurtures and converts
Set your package up to sell on it’s own so you just come in, cross t’s and dot i’s
Be able to take the weekend off without fearing your business will implode
Have sales cycles in place so you know where, when and how your money will come in
Set Big Hair Audacious Goals (BHAG) and meet them.

The EMP is in 3 phases: And each has a 90-day cycle

Introductory Phase: Creating A Blueprint For Success

Intermediate Phase: Creating a Magnetic Marketing Message

Advance Phase: Advance Lead Generation and Automation

We also have a facebook and whatsapp group for support, updates and reminders.

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