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Through this summer at the Campus House we will examine the lives of several of the vital, though not as popular, people of the Old Testament. These folks made things happen, but often were not those about whom books were written. So, we will forgo David, Ruth, Abraham, Moses, Adam, Noah, Esther, and move on to some of these:

Judah, Sarah, Deborah, Habbakuk, Saul, Caleb, Balaam, Miriam, Nehemiah, Joab, Ahab, Jael, Bathsheba, Josiah, Melchizedek, Hagar, Jeroboam, and the like.

We want your participation in this. So, please choose to lead our conversation, our singing worship, or our corporate prayers. If you choose to lead our conversation, please provide an overview of an Old Testament character listed above or another in whom you are interested.
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If you chose "lead conversation," which OT character will you talk about?
If you chose "lead singing," which songs are you leading? (If you don't know yet, you'll need to email lyrics to us the Tuesday before)
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