L30 Champions FC '03B
Team Selection will be on Tuesday, June 16 at Spence Eccles (1950 Monroe Blvd.) Field #1 from 6:30 - 8:00pm.
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Coaches Philosophy
There is nothing else we'd rather be doing than coaching the next generation of soccer players. We believe that the lessons learned on the pitch will stay with the athletes throughout their lives. With that in mind, our responsibility is to create an environment where each athlete can be challenged to go beyond perceived boundaries. We believe that challenge is what works the muscles of creativity, ingenuity, fortitude, and teamwork. Layer integrity over the top and you have a perfect breeding ground for not only excellent athletes but youngster better prepared to take on life's challenges. Make no mistake, winning is a high priority, but the way in which you win is the ultimate standard. We expect our athletes to be supportive and patient with their teammates, and to support the coaching staff in maintaining a safe, challenging environment.
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