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Elite online coaching is an in depth, private, and ultra exclusive coaching experience where I will help you improve your energy, feel more confident, lose fat, get stronger, and escape the vicious cycle of dieting... Just to name a few things. 😉

I pride myself on taking an approach that teaches you how to keep your results. You can lose weight if you wanted, but do you know how to keep that weight off? Do you know how to workout for your goals and around your aches and pains? That's where I come in! This program is a full 360 approach. We address your nutrition, fitness, and mindset. 

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Was it worth the investment? If yes, why? If no, how could it have changed to be worth it?
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Congratulations on taking these steps towards making your life better! Just a few more questions.

There are limited slots and we want to insure I'm the coach you need. That being said, let me get to know you on a little deeper level! 💜
Do you have any injuries or health history that may impact your activity? *
Please also include the dates of injuries or surgeries and how much it still bothers you if at all
In as much detail as possible, tell me about your fitness & nutrition history. What have you tried? What did you like about it? *
Your approaches in the past, did they work? Did you get results? *
If it DID work, why doesn't it work now? Why not repeat what you did back then?
If it DID NOT work, what key factor do you want to avoid from that approach?
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What's your #1 goal you'd like to reach? Be specific. *
What's your #2 goal you'd like to reach? Be specific. *
Do you have a time frame for your goal? If so, how long? *
What motivated you to reach out to me? Why now? *
Let's imagine what the future looks like. You wake up & you've reached your goals. What are some big differences in you you and in life at that moment? *
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Now schedule your consult! https://calendly.com/thefitnesslife/coaching

Time on my calendar is precious and my consults can last anywhere from 30-60 mins. Please keep that in mind when picking a day and time. Also, write down any questions you want to ask me. You can get to know me just as much as I want to know you. 
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