ACTS DMin in Preaching Sermon Review Questionnaire
Reverend Nathanael Saint-Pierre
SERMON # 2 (November 11, 2018)

Please answer the following questions by selecting the option that best describes your experience of the sermon.

What was the sermon about?
Was internalized oppression mentioned in the sermon?
If yes, what message did you hear?
Your answer
PROPHETIC PREACHING is to self-examine, confront, denounce, challenge, convict, impact, transform, convert, free/liberate, and finally, lead toward a path to salvation.
Did you hear prophetic preaching in this sermon?
If yes, what elements of prophetic preaching did you identify in the sermon?
Your answer
Was there good news to celebrate?
If yes, what was the good news?
Your answer
Was there anything in this sermon that changed your view of this church or of the world?
If yes, describe your changed view and what was said in the sermon that caused the change.
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What are some ways that you could help someone feel she/he has something of value to contribute?
Your answer
Was there a connection between the sermon and the Biblical text?
Did this sermon capture your attention?
Was the message clear?
Was the sermon authentic?
Was the use of body language (eye contact, posture, movement, gestures, facial expression, etc.) adequate and appropriate to both the contents and the context?
Did the voice and body language used emphasize the message and give life to the sermon?
Was there appropriate pace in speaking in relation to the contents (not too fast, too slow, or unchanged throughout)?
Did the preacher connect with the congregation?
Were there any distracting mannerisms?
If yes, describe any distracting mannerisms you noticed
Your answer
Were there any other delivery elements (positive and negative) that you noticed that impacted the delivery?
What delivery elements did you notice that impacted the delivery?
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