Contribute your object to the Scale of Everything!

Welcome to our new project the Scale of Everything! We invite you to contribute to our exciting endeavor by proposing a new item ("node") to our website. Your submission will be considered and, if it piques our interest, we may add it to the current Scale of the Universe too. If your submission is chosen, we will credit you for your contribution.

Once our new project is launched, we will notify you via email, and you will have the opportunity to explore new ranges of the universe. Thank you for your interest in contributing to the Scale of the Universe!

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Title of object (node) *
The name of the object you want to add. Example (Quail Egg)
Size in meters (length)
Please only give the number of how big it is in meters. Only consider the length of the relevant dimension. For example, if something is especially long, provide the length (not the width) of the item. Examples: 54, 134.32, 0.00000053, 2147483647
Please give an interesting description of your node. (We might edit it)
Tags (very important) *
Please add tags that are relevant to this item. For instance a dinosaur would get a dinosaur tag a rocket-ship might get a NASA tag and our sun would get a star tag. 

star, planet, mammal, vehicle, building, mountain, food, superhero, fictional space ship, fish, ocean, etc...

Feel free to create your own tags, we will work to add what is missed!

Height (meters above sea level) (optional)
We're considering making versions of SOTU that look at the ocean, atmosphere, and others. Please use positive numbers for above sea level and negative numbers for below sea level. For example, for a commercial plane, enter "10000", or for Anglerfish, enter "-1200".
Time (optional)
We're considering adding time as a component in Scale of the Universe, but only answer this if it's relevant. For example, for the Eiffel Tower, enter "1889" (built in 1889), or for a Stegosaurus, enter "-150000000" (approximate time of existence).

For an event like the total tea thrown into the harbor during the Boston tea party please provide a date 12/16/1773 if its an approximate date please provide it like this (March 1998) if it is a range of dates like a war (WW2) please provide two dates like this (9/1/1939 – 9/2/1945)
Node Image
Please include a link to a reference image of your object. We may either use this image (if you grant us the rights to it) or create artwork based on it. If you have an image locally on your device, please upload it to where we can view it. This is an optional step — if you don't provide an image, we'll try and get one ourselves.
Image Rights
Do you have the rights to the image you linked above and grant us permission to use it? By selecting "yes" and submitting the form, you confirm that you have the rights to the image and agree to give us permission to use the image in our website, with credit if provided above. Should you choose to revoke permission, please email with proof of ownership.

If your image is in the public domain (for instance, from Wikipedia), please select the second option.
Basic information
This section is so we can give credit to you and possibly enter you into future giveaways. If you leave this section blank we will assume you want to remain anonymous.
Your Name
This is so we can give you credit if we add the item. Please write "Anonymous" if you wish not to be attributed.
This is so we can contact you for more information/clarifications. We won't send this address emails for any other reason if you haven't already agreed to them in the past.
Anything Else
Is there anything else you'd like to tell us?
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