SOCALOA - Membership Application 2023-24
Application for membership to the Southern California Lacrosse Officials' Association, providing US Lacrosse certified boy's lacrosse officials in Orange, Riverside & So. Los Angeles counties.
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Contract & Agreement to Provide Services
By completing this application and by becoming a member of the Southern California Lacrosse Officials Association (SOCALOA), you, referred to as "Contractor" below, and SOCALOA agree to the following:

1. Status as Independent Contractor.

In officiating lacrosse games on behalf of SOCALOA, Contractor shall work as an independent contractor. As such, Contractor is not an employee of SOCALOA or any organizations that SOCALOA serves. Contractor is therefore not entitled to any employee benefits, including, but not limited to, workers' compensation, insurance, and unemployment benefits. Contractor is solely responsible for paying his/her taxes and for obtaining and maintaining medical and disability insurance for any officiating insurance, beyond the coverage provided by their membership in US Lacrosse, and proving that they are physically fit to provide services.

2. Constitution and By Laws.

Contractor shall abide by SOCALOA Constitution And By Laws and Code of Conduct and acknowledges that disciplinary action may be set forth for violations of any of its provisions.

3. Release and Indemnification.

Contractor recognizes and assumes risk of injury or contracting communicable or infectious diseases (which may include but is not limited to COVID-19) involved in performing officiating duties. Contractor agrees that SOCALOA shall not be liable to Contractor for any injury or loss of any type incurred while engaged in officiating duties on behalf of SOCALOA . Contractor agrees not to sue SOCALOA or any of its Board Members for any such injury or loss and further agrees to release and indemnify SOCALOA from and against any such claim.

4. Assignments and Fees.

Contractor shall provide officiating services to teams, schools and leagues, as assigned by SOCALOA for fees negotiated by the SOCALOA or determined by the governing body (CIF-SS). SOCALOA shall not guarantee game assignments to any Contractor. Contractor shall pay a “per game” scheduling fee, as determined by the SOCALOA Board of Directors prior to the start of each season.

5. Officiating Equipment/ Training/ Certification.

Contractor shall acquire such equipment and training, at Contractor’s expense, as necessary for Contractor to adequately discharge the assignments arranged by SOCALOA. Contractor must meet any testing and certification requirements that SOCALOA deems required to perform as a lacrosse official.
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