Commitment to Assist Community Member(s) Due to COVID-19 Hardships
Dear Pandemic of Love Community Member:

Thank you so much for stepping up to help members of the Navajo and Hopi Tribes through our partnership with Water Warrior Project.

This movement has truly shown us how love and hope can also be viral.

We will connect you representative of the tribe, a tribe member or family that you can commit to helping. Families usually request help with funds for equipment for access to water, groceries, medicine co-payments, gas cards or a donation towards other essentials.

Please fill out the below form in order to be matched with a community member based on your financial ability to give and the frequency with which you can give.

We will directly match you with a community member VIA EMAIL and ask that you keep their information confidential as you interact with them and determine how to fulfill their request. We will be sharing your phone number with this individual and vice versa. It is the only way the most beautiful part of this experience can happen - human connection. You can choose to make this experience transactional or you can choose to help make the person feel seen and heard. There is not wrong way to be generous!

This is a humbling experience on both sides of the transaction - for the giver and the person in need.

Please note that this a manual matching process - meaning that there are volunteers who comb through requests and patrons and then send out customized emails to match everyone. It may therefore take between 2 days and up to 4 days for you to receive your match.

Please note: This effort is being run by tribe members who are volunteers on the ground is NOT an official partnership with the Navajo Nation tribe.

Thank you for your generous heart and for recognizing the privilege you have to give and support others. Please spread the word and help us recruit others who are willing to give!

May you be healthy, may you be free from suffering and may you have peace now and always!

Much love and gratitude,

Shelly Tygielski
Founder, Pandemic of Love

PS You can always reach me at and please feel free to share your experiences with me - stories of hope during an uncertain time are always uplifting!!
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