Serials 8: Lightning Cube Show Proposal!
Fill this out if you've got a kick ass idea for a Serials show and you'll be considered for Serials 8: Lightning Cube!

A brief recap of the Lightning Cube concept: each week, 5 plays will perform 15 minute episodes. And then the audience votes on which 3 shows get to continue for another episode.

That means that shows are in Constant Danger of cancellation, but IF a show gets cancelled, that writer will be called upon to return in two episodes with A COMPLETELY NEW SHOW!

Remember: this is quick and dirty theatre. You should write with a minimum number of scenic and technical requirements. Small casts are helpful as well. We do a 50/50 box office split with artists, so the smaller the cast, the more change ends up in each of your pockets.

If you get renewed, the following week you'll have to include a "previously on" to catch people up to speed. Send us an e-mail at if you've got more questions.

We accept a total of 5 playwrights into the Lightning Cube.

(Note: if we get a deluge of submissions, we might switch to the Thunderdome format, which is mostly the same, but allows 11 playwrights to be involved.)

In Serials!, the playwright serves as the "project leader" for each show. But if you need help finding a director and/or cast for your project, we're here for you!

The dates for the Lightning Cube in 2018 are:

Episode 1: February 19
Episode 2: March 5
Episode 3: March 19
Episode 4: April 2
Episode 5: April 16

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