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So I really want you guys to get a lot of good AP Exam studying done this weekend, but I know a lot of you still haven't taken me up on some of the resources I have recommended, so I wanted to use this homework to get you familiar with them, and do a bit of review along the way, so you can be really productive over this weekend and in the final few days. Remember, it is up to you to determine where you need the most review. Let's get to it!
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You should start by opening up the following website in a separate tab. I will be asking you to go to different links and different times:
Go to: AP World Period 2 Review Lecture (1/2). Open the description for the time stamps. Click on "Greek Libraries and Cities". Which of the following is NOT one of the non-Greek regions he mentions as being influenced by Greek culture during the Hellenistic Age? *
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Same video: Click on "Centralization". What are some elements of a Centralized Bureaucracy? (Note: Centralization is very popular in many Classical Empires!... not Gupta or Parthian...) *
Go to: AP World Period 2 Review Lecture (2/2). Open the description for the time stamps. Click on "Responses of Daoism to Confucianism". Is there anything this small section helped you better understand about Chinese religions? Explain. *
Same video: Skim through the time stamp titles. List at least three topics listed that you feel you need to review more before the AP Exam. *
Go to: AP World After School Academy: Period 3.1b & 3.2 - Post-Classical. What two migrations am I discussing at the 14 minute mark? *
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Go to: Sunday AP World Q&A Café #3: Period 4 - Early Modern. What am I explaining at the 13 minute mark? *
1 point
Go to: Freeman-pedia. Click on Contemporary. Find the diseases chart. Which of the following diseases in the world today are NOT associated with poverty? *
1 point
Still Freeman-pedia. Still Contemporary. Scroll down to "People To Know". Identify two people you don't know who you might want to learn about before the AP exam. *
Go to: APWorldipedia. Click on Key Concept 3.2. Explain the Theme System from the Byzantine Empire. *
Go to the Writing Skills Practice section of my page. Which of the videos is made by the same Mr Lasseter who did the homework review videos? *
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Ok now that your all done with those resources, don't forget crash course! There are actually at least THREE Crash Course series that would be beneficial to you:
World History 1: General summaries in chronological order
World History 2: More in depth, mostly organized by concepts
History of Science: Hank Green, John's brother, covers a lot of tech advances like Indian, Chinese, and Islamic Golden Ages
Since everyone has been asking for help with the Chinese Dynasties, let's end by watching this whole Crash Course video, which goes through all the dynasties in summary and hits on major concepts that connect throughout Chinese history.
Here's an example of the History of Science series, so you can see how it might be relevant to your AP World Review!
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